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About Visit Montenegro

Visit Montenegro Web Project

Budva, Montenegro – 01.06.2012.

01.06.2005. we start with Visit Montenegro Web Project Our goal was to build one serious, independent, professional web portal with all information about Montenegro. Our experience in Marketing & Advertising business give us all necessary knowledge to make that big project.

Day by day, month by month, year by year, we build one respectable web project. Today, we have respectable partners, respectable number of visitors, respectable results. We give our best to make this project live, and we are more then proud what we made.

We follow our dreams. And we still follow our dreams. Our team is daily engaged on this project, and we are more then sure that we provide BEST POSSIBLE SERVICE AND INFORMATION for all visitors and users.

Branko BanjO Cejovic,

What our project contain

Visit Montenegro Web Project contain several web sites and web portals. Of course, on first place is Visit-Montenegro.com





Of course, we have our official Twitter and Facebook Pages where our fans can follow all news and interesting information.

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